Raising Human Consciousness - The Most Urgent Thing To Do

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Let us craft together the future of healthcare!

....one empowered person and one empowered home/office/community at a time.

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Whether it is in cash or in kind(time, talents or gifts) SHEM offers opportunities for you to extend your support. Your contributions help us reach out to more and more people, inspiring and empowering them to take charge of their health in a more holistic way. We want to empower people to awaken to their true potential of wholeness.

Manifesting this vision involves resources and people.

If you are a doer, we need you.

If you are a thinker, we need you.

If you are materially abundant, we need you.

If you have a big heart, we need you.

All of these are needed.

Let us make it happen.


In Grace and Gratitude,

SHEM Volunteers



1.  Thru Bank Deposit

    Account Name : Self Health Empowerment Movement Inc.

    BPI Acct. No. 9061-0085-59

2. Thru Paypal


    Email - selfhealthempowermentmovement@gmail.com

3. Or simply click the button below

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    We do not wish to deny this possibility to anyone for the lack of financial resources, please contact us for health empowering seminars that are purely by donation. SHEM accepts donations of any amount so it can continue to support its sacred mission of bringing to reality a love based healthcare system.

Tell your friends and family about this movement. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Join now and make an impact!

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