Transformation Medicine Retreat (May 25-30)

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Transformation Medicine Retreat (May 25-30)


Retreats & Rest

Sometimes, casually reading through materials on a website, or attending an afternoon workshop or event, just isn’t enough to attain the profound healing and transformation we might be looking for. Our home and work environments often trigger the exact reactions attached to that which we are seeking to improve, change or completely dissolve. Once in a while, it helps to give the body, mind, and spirit a more direct reset by hitting the “pause button” on daily routines and lifestyle choices, if even for a short time. In moments when we can journey into this type of healing together, we connect with each other on different levels than that of everyday social interaction. We find that collective affirmation and experience helps shift us physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively - reaching down to those primal roots, reminding us that we aren’t in this alone.

In TM, we value spaces of shared context, the healing potentials of dialogue, and the many benefits of being immersed in nature. Simplicity is more than just a language of poverty, downsizing, getting back to basics, renouncing modern comforts, or connecting with one’s roots. It is a cognition, practice, and ability to respond and adapt to life’s ebbs and flows from a harmonic state of resonance aligned with the essence of nature and Mother Earth. When simplicity is also Sacred, it evolves into more than just being simple - it catalyzes and becomes an innate state of being that nurtures, protects and serves both the individual and the whole.

For many, it is yet challenging to find dedicated space and time for healing and self-care. Hectic work schedules coupled with the struggles of paying bills, putting food on the table, and providing for a family’s daily needs tends to take priority in the forefront of our thoughts, actions, and energy consumption. We might end each day too drained to even consider taking a break beyond just hitting the pillow at night.


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