Three Levels of Life

The Three Levels of Life

 Beingness is the basic experience of being alive and conscious. We can also experience this through deep meditation. It is the experience of being totally complete and at rest within oneself.  In this state, there’s nothing you need to add in your life. You just be who you truly are at your core.

One of my tools to be in this state is meditation and meditativeness.

Meditation is something that I do everyday. However, meditation is not just doing, because at its core, meditation is actually not an act. It is a quality.

Meditativeness is something that I do every moment. This is also more of a quality than an act. It is a conscious way of life, paying attention to the moment by moment wonders of life, of everything and of everyone around us.

To maintain your meditativeness, you can whisper to yourself the following statements every now and then:

”I want to be alive and conscious”

“I am totally complete and at rest within myself”


Doingness is movement and activity. It is the source of our vitality. it

stems from the natural creative energy that flows through every living human being.


Havingness is a state of being in relationship with other people and things in the universe. It is the ability to allow and accept things and people into our lives to comfortably occupy same space with them.


Springing your doingness from your beingness

 You have to establish well your beingness first before you dive into doingness, because if you dive into doingness without establishing well your beingness, you will end up a mess. If your beingness is not well established, your doingness will lead you to create walls of self-imprisonment.

If more and more people will dive into “doingness for the sake of success”, “without a well established beingness”, there will be no sustainable planet left.  The present economic system is not holistic. “Economic interest” and “ecological interest” have become diametrically opposite. There is such a thing called Sacred Economics, which is the form of economics in the olden times where everything was sustainable. However, with the advent of industrialization, this form of economy was gradually forgotten. The present economic system drags people to unnecessary growth, through the never ending threadmill of more. A “finite planet” can not accommodate infinite growth forever.


In Gratitude and Grace,

Doc Romy