Dr. Water

Hello everyone.

I hope by now, you are already going deeper into your self-healing journey.

I hope by now you are already gradually transforming into becoming your own best doctor. 

Yes my friends, self health empowerment can not happen overnight.

It takes a while.

It takes courage, determination and most of all discipline to implement in your life the simple yet powerful healthy habits that you are learning in this Happy Healing Club.

Today, I am going to remind and let you know of another famous doctor, Dr. Pure Water.

It may seem so simple, it may seem so easy to do and follow, and yet in my almost 15 years of being a doctor, I found out that in the same way that it is easy to do, it is also easy not to do. In today’s fast paced world, people have become so busy in our “doing doing doing” that we forget to do the simple easy to do habit of drinking enough water on a daily basis.

So what’s about water that makes it so important?

In the same way that the earth is composed of ¾ water,  our body is also ¾ water.  Water plays a vital role in our internal metabolism.

Every organ in our body needs water.

Every cell in our body needs water.

We can live without food for several weeks, but not without water.

Water is the universal solvent. Without it, the detoxifying mechanisms inside our bodies will not work optimally.

Another startling value of water is its amazing ability to hold messages,

to hold information. A scientific research done by a Japanese scientist named Prof Masaru Emoto reveals the hidden messages in water. The findings of this wonderful scientific experiment are revealed in his book The Hidden Messages of Water.

The experiment went like this……

Two glasses of water were subjected to different stimulus in the form of words and music.

The glasses of water subjected to experimentation were as follows:


Water group A                                                                           

Glass 1: children blurted bad words to the water

Glass 2: subjected to metallica music

Glass 3: the words unforgiveness and bitterness were pasted on the glass

Glass 4: tap water from new york

Water Group B

Glass 1: children blurted good words to the water

Glass 2: subjected to classical relaxing music

Glass 3: the words love and gratitude were pasted in the glass

Glass 4: water from Lourdes

After the different stimuli were subjected to the different glasses of water, each glass of water was frozen to very low temperatures. The frozen water were examined under high magnification microscope and the result was astounding…..group A water formed bizarre crystallization matrix, while group B water formed magnificent, beautiful crystallization matrix.

So what do this experiment mean in relation to our bodies?

As I’ve said earlier, our body is ¾ water.

In one of Bro Bo’s books(Change your world by changing your words), it reveals the power of words. The same with our bodies. The internal world in our bodies is so divinely designed, so intelligent. Our health can be affected by the negative words we listen to, by the sounds we hear, by the beliefs we hold. There is indeed hidden messages in water, and subsequently in our bodies.

So to summarize, there are 2 main benefits of water:

1.    physical benefits – nourishing and detoxifying

2.    energetic benefits – as you have learned in Prof Masaru Emoto’s experiment

So what are you waiting for, begin NOW the habit of taking enough water. The drip system of drinking water is what I advise to my patients.

This means drink 1 glass of water every hour in between meals, beginning 1 hour after a meal and ending 1 hour before a meal. I advise my patients not to drink water during a meal. Why? Because drinking water during a meal dilutes our digestive juices, thereby impeding the process of proper digestion. Majority of people drink while eating, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that the majority is always correct.

Friends, I would like to congratulate in taking charge of your health.

Let’s continue our journey towards health freedom, our journey towards transformation

Love and Gratitude,

Doc Romy